Toxic Mold

Mold Testing, Remediation Services across West Haven, Utah

Mold: Common household variety or a deadly menace waiting to be discovered? Same day answers in most cases with a reasonable approach to taking care of the problem.

In Utah and in much of the western states, mold is generated due to water leaks or damage. Mold can begin growing in as little as 72 hours, creating air quality problems within your home or business.

TAG Environmental conducts over 100 mold investigations and clearances per month.  We provide initial investigations using state of the art equipement to determine locations and quanity of mold spores. Remediation specifications are then provided to remediate  the mold and visual and air sampling once the mold remediation is completed.  

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Our Services Include: Radon Testing | Mold Testing/ Remediation | Lead Paint Testing/ Remediation | Asbestos Testing/ Remediation | Indoor Air Quality Testing | Meth Testing

Our Professionals provide mold removal and testing services to clients across Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and Wyoming.

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