Lead Paint and Dust

Lead Paint Testing, Remediation Services across West Haven, Utah

Its in the news, its in your kids toys, grandma's fine china and it is in the paint. Do you need to be concerned? Ask us, we can explain the regulations and provide recommendations.

Generally, the regulations concern child-occupied buildings (daycares, hospitals, etc.) and target housing (homes built before 1978). We have state and federal accredited LBP inspectors and risk assessors for both HUD and the new EPA RRP rules.

We also provide training for contactors involved with cutting or welding on structural steel or other items coated with lead paint.

That Asbestos Guy Environmental, LLC will Help you Meet Lead Paint Regulations

Our Services Include: Radon Testing | Mold Testing/ Remediation | Lead Paint Testing/ Remediation | Asbestos Testing/ Remediation | Indoor Air Quality Testing | Meth Testing

Our Professionals provide services to clients across Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and Wyoming.

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