Asbestos Services

Asbestos Removal, Abatement & Testing across West Haven, Utah

Asbestos investigations are the heart of our business. Regulations for asbestos building materials were started in the Reagen era and continue today. Asbestos is found in thousands of common building materials and is still imported into the United States. Federal and state regulation require inspections before any demolition of remediation. Salt Lake County also requires an inspection for Universal Waste Materials such as car batteries, chemicals, mercury and PCBs before demolition of a structure.

Asbestos Capabilities for Homeowners, Commercial and Industrial Clients

TAG Environmental provides industrial facilities, building owners, property managers, and contractors complete asbestos building material investigations. Our concise assessment reports provide full color drawings of asbestos locations and extent, photos, quantities, condition, accessibility, friability, and remediation recommendations and abatement estimates.
Our policy towards asbestos is to provide owners with the most cost-effective options that minimize or eliminate current and future health, financial liability and regulatory risks.


Full asbestos building and facility surveys and inspections | AHERA Management Plans | Asbestos Management (O&M) Plans | Construction and Renovation Planning | Project Design and Specifications | Abatement Bid Services | Contract Administration | Abatement Project Management | Air Monitoring | Third-party Analysis Services | Asbestos Awareness Employee Training | AHERA/NESHAP/OSHA Compliance | Client Document Storage


We provide the following in-depth services: 

    • Full asbestos surveys and inspections

    Our inspections reports document all ACM survey results in an executive summary detailing locations, quantity, asbestos content and type, accessibility, friability, and condition. All reports are uploaded to a secure Website with login information provided to the client.

    • AHERA Management Plans (Schools)

    "The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires schools to "ensure that workers and building occupants, or their legal guardians, are informed at least once each school year about inspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic reinspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress (763.84(c)). Such notification must be done in writing and a copy placed in the management plan. Suggested notification methods may be through the publication of an article in a school district newsletter or through a separate written notice distributed to staff and sent home to a student's parent or legal guardian."

    TAG Environmental provides both three-year inspections and new management plans for schools with grades K-12 for public, charter and private entities.

    • Asbestos Management (O&M) Plans

    TAG Environmental advocates management of asbestos building materials in-place until removal becomes necessary. To this end we can provide simple, project-specific Operations and Maintenance Plans tailored to the specific materials. These plans include information for training of asbestos awareness and OSHA Class II, III and IV. All reports are uploaded to a secure Website with login information provided to the client. A sample of our O&M Plans is available here.

    • Construction and Renovation Planning

    TAG Environmental provides consulting services for new construction and renovation efforts to avoid any liability in both asbestos and lead-based paint issues. Our consultants are trained in determining the best approach to building and facility construction to bring about the most cost-effective construction on-time and on-budget.

    • Project Design and Specifications

    When necessary, TAG Environmental can provide the project design and specification generation to eliminate asbestos hazards. In addition, TAG Environmental will provide compliance during the project to protect the building and facility owner from occupant and employee liability issues.

    • Abatement Bid Services

    TAG Environmental works extensively with asbestos abatement contractors throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We offer bid services to assist clients in pre-qualification of contractors, pre-bid services, and selection of contractors to bid the work, conduct the bid opening and selection of the best-qualified contractor for the most cost-effective project.

    • Contract Administration

    Specifications include specific contract language to enforce compliance with the many regulations affecting asbestos. TAG Environmental writes these contracts tailored to the clients needs.

    • Abatement Project Management

    During the course of the asbestos removal, a representative is on-site to respond to compliance questions, monitor inside and outside air levels, enforce compliance and provide for the clients best interest. Upon completion, the client is provided with required closeout documentation detailing daily activities, waste records and certification and medical records.

    • Air Monitoring

    During abatement, air sampling is conducted to determine if any asbestos is escaping from the containment. An independent laboratory analyzes these samples, and the results posted within 24 hours. This provides the client with backup documentation needed to demonstrate compliance and support remedial actions.

    • Third-party Analysis Services

    All bulk and air samples are submitted to a NVLAP certified laboratory for analysis to eliminate any question of conflict of interest.

    • Asbestos Awareness Employee Training

    Both OSHA and AHERA require maintenance and custodial/housekeeping employees to receive some degree of asbestos awareness training if the employees' building contains asbestos building materials. In addition, we provide Class II removal training and asbestos awareness training to employees that work in a building or facility that contains asbestos materials.

    • AHERA/NESHAP/OSHA/State/Local Compliance

    All TAG Environmental staff members stay up-to-date on the complex and ever changing regulations affecting asbestos. TAG Environmental believes that the regulations can be enforced without unduly causing a burden on the building owner.

    • Client Document Storage

    All documents generated for inspections, O&M Plans, training records and post abatement documentation are stored on a secure web site. Clients are provided login information for access to the site.